Who is Hempleton Investment Group?


Hempleton Investment Group, Inc. is one of the largest vertically integrated hemp conglomerates in the Eastern US.  Hempleton was founded by real estate and cannabis investor Justin Hamilton in December 2015.  Hempleton's corporate offices are located in Wilmington, NC. Our infrastructure spreads across the Carolina's & Virginia, and distributes across the US.  With a farm to counter approach, Hempleton has been constructing a large network of wholly owned, majority, and minority divisions throughout the cannabis space.  This network is creating an expanding network of vertically integrated companies. Browse our website to learn more about us! 


The Hemp Farmacy Retail Franchise

In 2016, Hempleton in partnership with The Hemp Farmacy Inc. opened the first of four initial Hemp Farmacy retail and dispensary models. The dedicated staff at the Hemp Farmacy stores serve to educate their customers on hemp and hemp-derived products. In 2018, we opened our first franchise and we're continuing to grow. Now with duplicated models all across NC, The Hemp Farmacy is coming to a neighborhood near you. The Hemp Farmacy franchising program offers retail, dispensary, and medical models, so you can choose what fits best with your local community.  Contact franchising@hempfarmacy.us for more information.


Hemp Wholesale Distribution Center

East Coast Farmacies operates a large hemp product distribution center for The Hemp Farmacy franchisees as well as other outside wholesale vendors.  These products are rigorously vetted, lab tested, and scaled to offer consistent reliable products.  Through a mix of house brands and outside vendors East Coast Farmacies offers one of the widest varieties of quality products in the industry.  With industry coaching Hempleton assists vendors and retailers reach consumers through education.  Set up an account email fulfillment@hempleton.com


East Coast Genetics


East Coast Genetics was founded in December 2015, this was one of the Hempleton foundation investments.  ECG has grown into a well trusted genetics source for large commercial farms, holding the licensing rights to Cherrywine foundation genetics. Send questions to info@ecgenetics.com

Hempleton Supply Chain


Hempleton Supply Chain is the farming operations division of the network.  This division works with large and small extractors to develop fair reliable scalable contracts for biomass purchase with farmers converting from other crops.

Send Requests chain@Hempleton.com

Investments and M&A


The Hempleton umbrella is ever expanding through additional partnerships  division mergers, and acquisitions.  These partners all play a major roll in combining to form a network of opportunity for market share and efficiency. 

Send Proposals to chain@Hempleton.com

Beverages and Extractions


One of Hempleton's newest partners, New River Distilling Co, has been focused on the development of Cannabis Beverages and Extractions.  Offering large brewery partners access to Hemp terpenes and extracts for brewing research and development. 

East Coast Farmacies Distribution


Hempleton outside sales division offers access to East Coast Farmacies Distribution Center for consistent reliable products.  Through outside sales we also offer an optional account sales rep, affiliate program, as well as direct access.

Submit products to Jai@Hempleton.com



The Hemp Farmacy


The Hemp Farmacy is the retail franchise division of the network.  With rapidly expanding retail brick and mortar stores, as well as new investments in online availability, the Hemp Farmacy is an industry leader in the new hemp based dispensary model.  Backed by education and consistent products, they have become a trusted source for hemp products.