What is Limonene?

       Limonene is a chemical found in the rinds and peels of fruits and plants. It’s also a  terpene that is found in popular cannabis strains such as Super Lemon Haze, Tangie, and Chenobyl. Limonene is produced in the flower’s resin glands to give those strains as well as other strains that wonderful aroma. It is also used in medicines, gum, food, and drinks.
       Limonene is not just used to give cannabis strains their wonderful smell, or fruits their wonderful taste, limonene is also a very beneficial chemical. It can be used in the medical world to help ointments and creams absorb into the skin. It can also be used as a cleaner and used in water-free hand cleansers. Limonene has been used to help slow down cancer cell growth when taken 21 days at a time. While it is helpful for that you have to be careful because of limonene’s effects on the liver. IT can boost the livers function and break down medications faster than expected. Limonene can interact with medicines such as Motrin, Glucotrol, and Warfarin just to name a few.
       Other benefits of Limonene are it can help with weight loss and bronchitis. It is also used to boost mood levels, relieve stress, relieve heartburn. On top of those wonderful benefits it’s also an antifungal and antibacterial! Limonene does not only smell great and make cannabis strains and other items taste good but it’s a great chemical that can be helpful for many other reasons.


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