Hempleton and it’s affiliates offer a variety of services in the agricultural side of the hemp industry.  Many of these services are in the form of partnerships or value added consulting paired with a defined production program.  With many of the categories in the industry still in full research mode, we are currently interested in farmers with research mind-sets and experience.  We offer a scale of different consulting services or   packages for the hemp flower industry.  Pairing Genetics and Buy Back programs, being a distribution or production partner for East Coast     Genetics is a no brainer with built in on-site visits and consulting.

We also offer value added farmer consulting meetings to help educate farmers what processes or products they can produce, and how to legally do that under 7606 programs.  Appointments for consulting are booked a few weeks in advance unless there is available cancellation dates. Please determine what you would like to focus on first, and then design your appointment around that topic.  The industry is so wide , the number one mistake we see clients make is that they budget for one hour and loose track of the main objective of the meeting.

If you would like to begin a consulting account and relationship with the Hempleton team or a particular affiliate partner please fill out the basic information in the form and be as precise as possible about your particular area of interest.  Please provide as many available dates as possible for your meeting request.