North Carolina Hemp History

Like many southern states, North Carolina at one time freely grew hemp. During the 1700’s, NC was one of many states granted subsidies and and bounties to encourage hemp cultivation and the manufacturing of cordage and canvas.

North Carolina benefited from these acts and the production of naval stores became the coastal areas prime industry. Unfortunately, these actions failed to establish a permanent hemp industry in North Carolina. The Civil War was a factor which stopped much of the US hemp cultivation and around 1940 hemp ceased to be grown legally. In 2017, hemp farming was restarted as a regulated, experimental Industrial Hemp Pilot Program authorized by state law conforming to the Federal 2014 Farmers Bill provisions of US Hemp production.

That very same year 1000 acres of hemp were grown in North Carolina. The planting was late due to the DEA’s refusal to allow the transportation of hemp seeds to the state. Instead, two individuals, with a letter of authorization from the state Attorney General, drove a truck to Colorado and back with live plants for the states first crop. 95% of 2017s crop was lost, possibly due to the late planting and the high heat. In September 2017, the first processing facility for state-grown hemp opened in Asheboro, producing dehulled seed, oil, and CBD.


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