NC Hemp Farm

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The research campus is part of the Legacy Farms Event Center, which was built as an agritourism farm.  This farm is the primary farm for Hempleton and partners to try new genetics, planting styles, fertilizer regiments, and products.  The information generated from the research campus is shared with farmers throughout NC through partner companies. 

Throughout the year the research campus will hold public events, and demonstrate the hemp trials on the farm.  This campus will be used to help educate farmers throughout the state about hemp, as well as how to incorporate hemp into their farms.  With three primary categories of hemp including Grain/Seed, Fiber, and High CBD varieties farmers will have the opportunity to ask questions and see what category fits their farm operations.

The research farm also sponsors the NC Hemp Apprentice program, this program offers educational classes for farmers at discounted rates, as well as the opportunity for a limited amount of participants to be an apprentice on the farm during the growing and harvest season. 

The research farm is sponsored by partner companies, but also depends on events, donations, and sales to generate an operating budget to continue research and its educational programs.  If your company is interested in hemp research, contact us to determine a way to be included in the farms research program.

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