Jimmy Cannabis

About us

Welcome to Jimmy Cannabis, we offer a variety of innovative agricultural products.  The famous Cannabis Socks can be used to protect your prize cola buds from pests as a sustainable organic option.  The socks stretch as the flower develops and air prunes the fan leaf growth, producing a large dense bud, with no pest damage.  The socks also help with rogue pollen infiltration.

Since the development of our cola socks we have extended our product line with the new clone socks, grow tube, and cannabis ties.   These new products are ready for Spring planting!  Thank you for supporting innovation and learning more about Jimmy Cannabis and our efforts to develop sustainable approaches to cannabis production.

As Hemp and Cannabis Farmers we are constantly looking for innovative options to help the industry offer options for these crops that are organic and sustainable.  We are currently offering fabric tubes for planting cut to any length or by the roll, small fabric tubing for  cloning and starts, and also a cannabis flower sock line for organic pest control.

Throughout the years of cultivating Cannabis we have dealt with all forms of pests that love the potent flowers, especially during the peak maturity of the flowers.  We are totally against spraying our mature flowers even with “safe” organic options.  Through many trials of different material, we are excited to offer a new option for these problems.  As a great side effect this new product line has even shown results of increasing the density, and size of the flowers while air pruning fan leaves.  We have even noticed reduced rogue pollen infiltration from nearby industrial hemp fields. (Doesn’t eliminate the problem completely but shows a large reduction in seed concentration).