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About us

Hempleton was founded in December 2015 with a mission of developing an Ecosystem of investments that worked together for the common goal of a vertical supply chain Farm to Farmacy.  Obtaining that vertical alignment in 2018, hempleton then positioned to take a strategic financial partner to complete infrastructure expansions, as well as expand investment services and opportunities.

We are excited to announce a unique investment opportunity that has been crafted under the anticipation we would reach the first market correction with supply surpassing current demand, as well as clarification on proposed rules from the USDA and FDA.  Hempleton has positioned itself to release this investment opportunity in early 2020 to then spend 24-36 months acquiring interest in companies that strategically expand and strengthen the vertical ecosystem.  With new models and proposed expansions of the Hemp Farmacy franchise, companies aligning with our vision and the future of cannabis will be considered as Hempleton continues to grow.  

With the unique structure of this 2020 offering Hempleton combines a capital raise and FUND to raise 42 million.  This structure diversifies investments into split units for short term managed investments (minimum 3 years / 5 years Fund term) with long term investment into Hempleton C-corp shares.  This investment opportunity will be for accredited investors, and will be a minimum of $825,000 and a maximum $6.6 million per investor.


Can I buy stock in Hempleton Investment Group through my stock broker?

No, Hempleton Investment Group is not a publicly traded company.  Hempleton is a private company that offers "stock" through structured investment opportunities around predetermined capital raise goals.

Can I invest more than $6.6 million if it is through multiple entities?

No, the maximum investment is $6.6 million per investor through this structured offering. If the investor would like to discuss a larger acquisition they would need to individually negotiate that with the board.

What is the timeline of the capital calls for the investment?

1 Unit = $825,000

$325,000 due upon signing - passes through SPV FUND to Hempleton

$250,000 within 12 months of Fund opening

$125,000 within 24 months of Fund opening

$125,000 within 36 months of Fund opening

When is the FUND opening scheduled?

Hempleton will release a formal offering in Spring 2020 and anticipates reaching (minimum 80% of FUNDING) within 12 months to determine precise FUND opening date.

Who approves investments made by the FUND?

Hempleton operational Executives determine initial opportunities in the industry and identify companies.

A financial committee with experience vetting companies finalizes due diligence, and investment structure.  Either approving or denying investments.

Can I get my investment back early if I want it?

The offering is a structured investment with a purchase of shares in private C-Corp with specific requirements around existing, as well as a commitment for a predetermined amount into a FUND for management with a 3 year minimum.

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