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Integrated Hemp Solutions is a patient inspired product that has occurred during this Opioid Crisis.

Patients in pain requiring opioid medications are growing more and more concerned about their safety every day. The media is doing a very good job in revealing the scope of the opioid crisis. This year alone more than 60,000 people will die due to opioid use and misuse. Patients are presenting to their doctors wanting to explore other options to reduce their dependency on these potentially dangerous medications.

Medical Hemp Program

Integrated Laboratory Solutions and The Hemp Farmacy are working to make a difference in North Carolina by combating the opioid crisis on multiple fronts to directly improve patient care. This new partnership has led to the development of our Medical Hemp Program for medical practices. This program will help educate Providers and Patients to the potential benefits of Hemp. The Program will also conduct research on individuals taking this natural supplement to further guide our use of this product. If you are a Medical Practice or Health Care Provider, please sign up below to learn more about this program.

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