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Hope Hemp Extracts are pleased to announce our East Coast local brand Carolina’s Hope.  Our model is built around local farmers, because we are local farmers.  Hope Hemp Extracts offers a consistent local product line that contains a full spectrum hemp extract oil.  We develop products, but also our staff is in the field on a regular basis inspecting the crop, as well as training the farmers to offer you the widest spectrum hemp extract formula.  We take changing lives and communities serious!  We encourage and love your questions!

Maintaining Critical Supply

Our farmers are diversified and produce reliable dependable critical supply for our extracts.  Our Full spectrum oil contains CBN, CBG, CBD, and other compound Cannabinoids as unique as a fingerprint.  These combinations of Cannabinoids can help you on your path to wellness.

Our fresh product offers a natural alternative to healing that can be integrated into your daily routine and offer a unique blend of benefits to your overall feeling of wellness.  Our full spectrum oil promotes many benefits through the entourage effect.  With the wide variety of Cannabinoids the receptors in your Endocannabinoid system absorb more of the Cannabinoids and create additional benefits.

Genetics and Organics

We are customers too!  We feel the same way as many of you, we want great genetics NO GMOs and we want ALL ORGANIC!  We are very proud that all of our farmers feel the same way, natural is better all the way from our soil to the cabinet.  We not only develop the products we are also genetics partners with some great guys and gals with pocket protectors and lab coats, but also those guys with the John Deere hats and cowboy boots.  The lab plays a major role in our industry but our natural genetic breeding programs with farmers play just as an important role!

Through Multi Level national and local partnerships, HOPE is designing a sustainable approach to healing not only the people in our communities with a superior hemp extract, but also to introduce the process and farming aspects of the industry directly to our rural communities throughout the US.  As many of us know, small farming enterprises are disappearing from our landscape.  It has been very exciting to play such a major role in reviving our rural economies and communities with a plant that can heal you and make over 25,000 additional products.  We partner with companies who are in the industry for the right reasons, and that reason is you and your children.


Lab Reports

The founders of HOPE are invested in more than just a label; we are farmers ourselves and industry leaders in the East Coast Hemp Industry. From the point when we realized the overwhelming benefits of the cannabinoids, we began the search to find the best strains with the widest spectrum. Partnering with one of the largest organic hemp farm operations on the west coast to bring you a consistent supply, while we develop our local East Coast farming operations, allows us to seamlessly offer the best supplement on the market while improving on that through local supply.  Hope Hemp is working directly with East Coast Genetics to do more than offer one spectrum, with many strains and phenotypes individual cannabinoids are identified and targeted for future development into unique cannabinoid specific formulas.

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We not only offer online sales we also do BULK ordering as well as Business to Business or Wholesale Sales.  Please contact Joe@Hempleton.com for pricing and more information.

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