Hemp Yarn

Hemp yarn has been a common place in crafts since the 1960’s(1) but has been in existence for thousands of years. One of the oldest cultivated crops on the earth, Hemp’s bast fibers surrounding the woody stems of plant are the strongest on our planet(2).

Sold by the yard, ounce, or pound, this type of fiber is cellulose which means it’s derived from the plant(3). Hemp yarn is by far more porous than cotton which allows your skin to breathe. Along with being mildew resistant the hemp yarn softens over time(4) increasing longevity of anything you make with it.

As with all Hemp derived products  its yarns carbon footprint is low, and in terms of water use reduction  and it’s non toxic byproducts due to the lack of toxic chemicals needed to turn the fiber into a viable fabric it’s better overall than any other fiber for yarn. Not only for the planet but our bodies.



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 Ruth Styles 6-22-2011

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