Hemp Paper

The benefits of Hemp are endless. Around 150B.C., the Chinese were the first to realize the potential it had for paper making, eventually leading to the production of the world’s first paper completely made from Hemp. The oldest documents to date written on this amazing paper were of Buddhist texts from the second and third centuries.

Hemp paper is strong, acid free, has a long shelf life, can be recycled ten times without any loss of integrity and costs less than half the cost to process trees into paper(4). Converting trees into paper uses large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals which generate vast amounts of air and water pollution(2). Hemp is a more ecologically friendly crop.

Hemp paper can be made from the plants’ long vast fiber or the short bast fiber (for hurd or pulp). Due to the fact that the chemical composition of hemp is similar to that of wood it is a great choice as a raw material for the manufacturing of paper(1). Its superiority comes from its durability, longevity(3), integrity, and its history. Make the conscious choice to use hemp paper or paper goods and save some trees.



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