Education is the most important part to any new process, venture, or in this case industry. 

The NC Hemp program and many of the participating partner companies are built on education.  These companies see the benefit in educating participants to build a healthy new industry where everyone is successful and demonstrating profitable harvests and new opportunities. 

Through our education program we offer free hemp education classes that introduce people to the new plant and benefits, as well as more advanced classes through the NC Hemp Apprentice Program.  These classes are designed to educate people not only on the farming side of the industry but also on how to participate in vale added practices for farmers and new business ventures for eager entrepreneurs.

Want to join our Apprentice program?

This program offers educational classes for farmers at discounted rates, as well as the opportunity for a limited amount of participants to be an apprentice on the farm during the growing and harvest season. 

As the industry develops so will the class offerings.  We will be using the information gained in our partnerships and from our hemp research farm to educate participants.  This information will be relevant and will be offered with supporting data to allow participants to implement the opportunities into new businesses and practices for the health of the new industry. 

Many people question why we would offer all our information to future “competitors”.  This mentality will not result in a heathy industry it will only benefit the companies with the data.  We encourage all participants to adopt the community mentality and to share even the information they learn.  All of the people participating in these programs have to understand that the immediate advantage is in the information offered but the long term gains will be for those who develop companies and programs that have a similar structure.  With any new industry, things change daily, and you have to be set up to change with them.  This ability to change and learn from your community will enable you to offer products and services that are in the fore front of the change.

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