Hempleton & many of its partner companies are built on education.  These companies see the benefit in teaching participants to develop a healthy industry where everyone is successful, demonstrates profitable harvests, and explores new opportunities.

Through Hempleton education we offer free courses which introduce the public to Cannabis Sativa L and its benefits.  These classes are designed to educate people interested in the farming side of the industry through value added practices and for eager entrepreneurs through new business ventures.

As the industry develops so do our class offerings.  We use the information gained through our partnerships and from the NC Hemp Farm Research & Innovation Campus to better inform participants.  Any relevant information gained will be offered with supporting data, allowing participants to implement new practices for the health of this emerging industry.

We approach education with a community mentality. Many people question why we would offer all our information to future “competitors.”  A closed system of information sharing inhibits industry growth. We encourage all participants to adopt a community mentality and to share the information learned from us. With any new industry things change daily—successful businesses are set up to evolve with that change.  A collaborative effort to innovate enables you to offer products and services that are at the forefront of this booming industry.


To find our next class visit our calendar.