East Coast Genetics

Our Story


ECG is a large scale hemp genetics company, that has obtained the sole distribution rights on the Eastern US to the Cherrywine variety.  Cherrywine is a high CBD hemp genetic that is the top performing genetic in NC.  ECG has obtained foundation seed, this means that the variety has not been bread down to a point where all the plants have very similar characteristics.  This foundation seed provides ECG 9+ phenotypes which resemble 9+ different hemp strains.  ECG can then define the phenotypes, looking at plant structure, CBD and Cannabinoid Content, Flowering Cycles, and natural Pest Resistance.  This is a very important part of a genetics company, it allows us the ability to breed different phenotypes to further develop plants with the characteristics found to be advantageous. 

We are currently developing Cherrywine feminized seed.  This will be a true asset to farmers, primarily because it will reduce the input cost of planting.  Currently Hemp grown for the cannabinoids require female plants only.  If male plants are present, even a few, the male pollen will pollinate the female plants and produce seeds.  The seeds are undesirable because while the plant focuses on seed production it significantly reduces the cannabinoid production.  If the farmer uses clones the prices associated with female clones or “starts” can be expensive, and without the ability to obtain crop insurance, a failed crop can be detrimental to small farms.

Feminized seed is not an immediate product, it will require 7 cycles to stabilize the seed.  Typically when done outside in the field this would take 7 years, however we are producing inside a large greenhouse facility that allows us to possibly stabilize the seed within 3 years.  As feminized seed is produced it will be sold once it is tested in indoor research rooms to ensure the process has produced 95-97% feminized seed, and that the finished flowers can pass a THC state test.  The seed will be labeled by generation 1-7.  The closer we get to G-7 the more stable the consistency of the finished product.  We hope to take the per plant cost from $10-$12 to $0.75-$1.75 per plant.  This will be a substantial difference in input cost for the farmer with an average of 1800+ plants used per acre.

ECG has developed a large clone and seed distribution network, with farms stretching across NC that allows us to ship from the facility closest to a farmer’s planting field.  With the distribution network growing aggressively we will have locations in multiple states over the next year.  All distributers are considered partners in research and development, and all partners are selected on their eagerness to be involved and share the data generated from their farms.  This network structure allows ECG to funnel all key data back to the research facility and implement changes quickly.

Please take a look at some of our photos and videos, we like for you to get to know us and to participate with us in this new program based on research.  As hemp becomes a primary rotation crop, farmers input will play a large roll in the success of the genetic program.

ECG offers multiple programs to fit your farms needs.  ECG is partnered with Hempleton Investment Group, providing plant to buyer programs for a limited amount of farmers.  These programs include built in consulting throughout the grow season. 

Farmers may also participate in our self production program that allows them to use our genetics on their farm and produce their own clones for a substantially discounted rate.  By participating in the self production program it can give farmers a real deep discount on their input cost, as well as knowing that they have a large genetic company behind them that will keep introducing top performing plants to replace their stock and keep improving their yield and cannabinoid content.

Lab Reports


East Coast Genetics has secured the broad licensing and breading rights to the OG Cherry Wine strain as well as other potential high cbd variety hemp genetics.  We have secured East Coast and West Coast breeding  partners to help bring the best genetics possible to the East Coast states.

We are establishing distribution partners throughout NC, SC and VA.  We maintain a genetics library and research and test phenotypes to deliver you premium mother plants for Spring Cloning.  This keeps genetics strong and reduces overhead, due to the seasonal demand of clones.

We also are are developing feminized seed from the Cherry Wine OG strain and will have seeds available for greenhouse planting and growing for seasonal starts.

East Coast Genetics provides more than just a clone or seed, lab testing, and genetics research; we provide what we learn to our farmers. With help from the genetics company, your farm can make more accurate projections on yields and cannabinoid content. Cherrywine is the East Coast Leader because of its consistently higher CBD content, self supportive structure, and natural pest resistance than comparable varieties. Our job goes deeper than the roots: we put hard work and dedication into our clones to provide the best experience for our customers.

East Coast Genetics is a large clone distribution network with 8 facilities across NC to offer local fresh clones, and the ability to service the Eastern Seaboard including all Hemp programs.  We currently offer  9+ strains or phenotypes under the Cherrywine umbrella.  These phenotypes are being selected based on their unique cannabinoid spectrum to help with future contract grows for particular cannabinoids, as the market develops and processors are seeking high CBN, CBG, or CBC varieties for example.

ECG also has a large greenhouse facility dedicated to the production of feminized Cherrywine seed and breeding program, this program can help deliver value added cost savings to the farm with lower cost per plant when generated from seed. With each generation of seed the plant will become more consistent and climate stable.