Division Contacts

Outside Sales and Hemp Farmacy Franchise Sales


Eric Stahl is the Vice President of the Outside Sales division including Franchise sales for the Hemp Farmacy.  Eric runs a team of sales representatives that can be optionally assigned to outside vendors to assist them in better product education and new and upcoming products.   Please contact Eric for more information Eric@Hempleton.com

Retail Division Director / Approved Buyer


Christina Sessoms has been with Hempleton since its inception as one of the first hires, and founding manager of the first Hemp Farmacy retail dispensary model.  Christina now manages the retail division of Hempleton, as well as maintains the approved Buyer status for the Hemp Farmacy and Hempleton Distribution Center.  If you have a product line you would like to submit for approval for distribution please contact Christina@Hempleton.com

Supply Chain Management & Farming Contracts


The Supply Chain division works closely with farmers to pair them with contracts from large and small extractors, and brands.  This allows farmers to concentrate on growing the plants and not marketing the plants.  Supply chain successfully closed more than 1.2 million for farmers in 2018. Please submit all requests, both buyer and seller, to chain@Hempleton.com

Investments Mergers and Acquisitions


Justin Hamilton Founder and CEO runs and operates Hempleton Home Office.  If you have a proposal, joint venture, start-up, or partnership opportunity you may submit your proposals to Justin through email at Justin@Hempleton.com Please include a business plan summary no longer than 2 pages in length, you may also submit additional supporting financial documents.  Please make sure to include all pertinent information, and contact information.  

Distribution Center and Wholesale


Logan Shivar manages the Hempleton Distribution Center. Logan is in charge of fulfilling orders to our corporate and franchise retail locations. 

He also manages online sales and wholesale accounts. Logan gets online orders out to customers, manages the online store, and fulfills wholesale orders. 

Are you interested in becoming a wholesale customer? Email productionlab@hempleton.com for more information. 

Hemp Farming, Research, and Genetics


 Zach Mountford is one of the founders of Hempleton Investment Group and is also CEO of East Coast Genetics, which has partnered with Hempleton to serve as the plant genetics and farmer division of the network. Zach and the ECG team work to grow different strains of hemp, including our trademark Cherry Wine, to get high cannabinoid levels. Questions about growing hemp or buying clones? Please contact info@ecgenetics.com