CBD and Acne

As an esthetician who specializes in CBD skin care and skin treatments I have witnessed a large influx of millennial women interested in and reliant on the benefits that CBD has on their skin. The demand for greener beauty products promoting health and appearance is rising. CBD is an all-natural compound from the hemp plant that is often infused into natural, cruelty free products in serums, masks, scrubs, cleansers and massage oils that can used topically on the skin.

When applied, CBD is absorbed directly through the skin where it binds to cannabinoid receptors. This makes CBD a potential therapy for a range of skin conditions like oiliness and clogged pores that provide nourishment to bacteria on the skin, causing acne flare ups. Glands in our skin, typically near the hair follicles, called sebaceous glands, produce fatty oils called lipids. Sebaceous glands working overtime is often the cause of excessively oily skin. CBD can be applied to limit the output of oil while inhibiting the lipid production in skin cells. Acne is effectively infectious and is best if treated that way. It is important to keep the skin clean and to avoid popping or touching of the blemishes. Manipulating the cannabinoid receptors in our system using CBD works like an antibacterial agent, decreasing the likelihood of further acne in the future. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to reduce the redness and swelling associated with pimples. The daily application of green, clean CBD skin care products is recommended for women and men of all ages to help maintain balanced, hydrated, clear skin.







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