Cannabis and Women CEO’s

Cannabis has more women in leadership roles than any other major industry.  According to a 2015 study conducted by Marijuana Business Daily, 36 percent of executive-level positions in the cannabis industry are held by women compared to the US average of 22 percent. Women also make up 63% of high-level positions at testing labs and half of leadership roles at infused products and processing companies.  A global community of cannabis women has formed an organic, unflinching sisterhood we have all been waiting for. These women seek to inspire, empower, and support one another in their entrepreneurial journeys.


There has always been a stigma connected to the cannabis movement, but it was the shift of a new feminist movement that unearthed a forgotten intersection between women and cannabis. Since then, there has been a focus on the female cannabis CEOs from around the world who are creating a new frontier—the feminist cannabis movement. The traditional boy’s club is now turning into a female-dominated community.  History helps explain why women are taking over the cannabis industry. Up until the witch hunts, women were honored for their magical and medicinal healing abilities. The men hunted game with rocks when women were entrusted with foraging and creating herbal treatments. From menstruation and labour complications to postpartum depression, cannabis gained fame for its effectiveness in treating female conditions. Even Queen Victoria used cannabis to deal with her period symptoms. Once prohibition happened, the women and their discoveries were largely forgotten. On top of thousands of years of human history, women’s abilities can be broken down to the molecular level. Only female plants produce the amount of chemicals required for the physical and mental benefits that come with ingesting cannabis. Female plants produce mounds of beautiful, THC rich flowers. You go girls–Keeping consumers healthy and lifted!


There is a flow of female powerhouses and they are fully unleashed. Despite the ever-changing, uncertain cannabis industry, women are flourishing. Many women see the cannabis market as their chance to not only get in the boardroom – but run it.  Big chances could equal an even bigger payoff and women see this as a chance to even out on the playing field and take control using their talents and intelligence in a corporate environment.



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