Can Hemp Cause you to Fail a Drug Test?

For many people looking to start using CBD products, knowing whether or not they would fail a drug test from using it is important. Full spectrum products do contain THC which many employers look at to determine whether employees are using marijuana. These tests look for the different THC metabolites in one’s urine, hair, blood, or saliva depending on a company’s preference. When using a product that contains the trace amount of THC there is the potential that it can show up in a drug test unless you are using an isolate product. The isolate product could potentially show up on a thorough drug panel but most tests only look for the THC metabolites which will not show CBD specific use.

As cannabis becomes more mainstream in today’s society, many companies are looking past positive results for THC. Users of CBD products in who test positive in North Carolina are allowed to get their sample tested again to prove that whatever product they used was within legal limits.

One of the reasons someone could get a false positive could be that the product they are using has more THC than advertised by the company. To avoid this, make sure that you get the lab reports from the company to get an accurate representation of what is in the product. The other reason many people get false positives is from heavy use full spectrum products. While these products only have 0.3% THC or less, there is the potential that multiple uses a day over a long period of time could build up enough in one’s system to test positive.



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